A collaboration between university-based scholars working in fields related to nineteenth-century European cultures and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, during 2018 we are holding a series of free workshops that will examine the inter-connections and exchanges between Scotland and Europe’s literary, performance, and scientific cultures in the past to ask how our understanding of these can better prepare the people of Scotland for a post-Brexit Britain.

Our three academic-related workshops and 1 public event will take place along the central belt (two in Glasgow, and two in Edinburgh). The workshops will explore inter-cultural exchanges between Scotland and Europe’s peoples, places, built environments, imagined spaces, and material cultures during the long nineteenth century (our start date of 1780 is the year in which the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland was established).

The public event, to be held on 15th December at the National Museum of Scotland, will feature a talk by Sir Professor Tom Devine entitled How Highlandism Conquered Europe: From Sir Walter Scott to Brexit, and discussions with guest speakers including Gerry Hassan, author of Scotland, the UK, and Brexit (2017).

Principal Investigator:   Dr Kate Mitchell (University of Strathclyde) katharine.mitchell@strath.ac.uk

Co-Investigator: Dr Simon Gilmour (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland) director@director@socantscot.org

Core Group Members

Dr Manon Mathias (University of GlasgowManon.Mathias@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Henriette Partzsch (University of Glasgow) Henriette.Partzsch@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Michael Rapport (University of Glasgow) Michael.Rapport@glasgow.ac.uk

Research Assistant

Julie Holder (University of Glasgow, National Museums Scotland & Society of Antiquaries of Scotland) j.holder.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Admin Assistant

Jan Bissett (University of Strathclyde) jan.bissett@strath.ac.uk

SNNEC Core Team
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